Question Wednesday: Albrights

Every week I answer a question from a reader or writer here on my blog. You can add a question to the queue by putting it in the comments on any blog. This week’s question is a general one I get quite often:

Will you ever write a book for the 4th Albright Sister, Winifred? You mention her and her husband Milo in the epilogue to Nothing Denied, but we never got to see her love story.

I know Winifred, the final, shy sister in the Albright clan has always been a great mystery to readers. When I was still with Avon, they didn’t want more Jess books, so her story wasn’t told (though you notice I DID give her an awesome guy, we just didn’t see them onscreen). Obviously I didn’t want to go to my new publisher with a story from years ago and tied to another publisher’s books, so Winifred has languished.

But now that I’m going to be going back to entirely indie (NEWSFLASH!!), I am definitely considering telling the last Albright Sister’s love story. But my question is… do you want it? Answer here in comments.

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