Molly Ann Wishlade: Erotic Historical Romance Feature

I’m excited to have this week’s featured erotic historical romance author, Molly Ann Wishlade because she’s talking about Western historicals! There really aren’t enough of those, I think. So hang out and welcome Molly Ann:

Hello there! I’m extremely grateful to Jess for hosting me at her gorgeous blog today and I’m excited to get the opportunity to guest post.

I thought I’d share with you the reasons why I enjoy writing historical westerns. I’m absolutely fascinated by the Wild West, in particular the town of Deadwood, and I love writing about cowboys and their lives and loves. I think that a childhood spent with my amazing little granny who had a fascination with the Wild West probably started it all. We’d sit and eat hot strawberry jam toasties on a Saturday afternoon, whilst watching the likes of John Wayne, Kirk Douglas and Clint Eastwood swagger across the screen of a tiny portable television. The cowboys’ arrogance and pride, their chaps and Stetsons and their love of the land all hooked me right there and then.

My western novels are set in the 1800s. I’m addicted to historical romances and historical novels and I love reading about different times. I’m always thinking ‘what if…’ when I read and write and I like to consider how my characters would have coped with the challenges of day to day life back then, as well as how they’d behave when faced with love and loss. Romance novels require a strong, honourable and sexy hero and cowboys epitomise this.

I get ideas for my writing from all sorts of places – sometimes the title comes to me first, sometimes I envisage a character and sometimes a line or two will pop into my head and I’ll just have to flesh it out. My inspiration for The Wild Wild West novella series came to me with the lines… It wasn’t easy for any of them. She knew that. She’d been where they were now. These poor daughters of Deadwood had little to make their lives bearable… which left me eager to write the stories of three women living in and around Deadwood in the 1800s. The three heroines in the Wild Wild West series are very different, yet they’ve all been affected by their time in Deadwood in some way. The three stories can be read as standalones.

3 covers

In Bound, the first in the series, a runaway mail-order bride is captured by two powerful cowboys purporting to work for her fiancé – the mysterious Mr Jackman. At first, Layla fights for her freedom, but Charlie and his lover Etu have their own erotic methods to subdue their feisty captive…

In Scandal, book two, feisty ex-harlot Ellen Finch is finally free to escape her troubled past and make a fresh start, far away from the dusty town of Deadwood. But Ellen’s plans are interrupted when a dark and brooding stranger bursts through the doors of The Gem Theatre and Saloon begging for her help as a midwife.

And finally, in Menage, vulnerable widow Grace Holbein faces an uncertain future. Spurned by the town of Deadwood because of her violent late husband’s troubles she’s all alone in the world. With winter approaching, the future looks bleak until two rugged cowboys ride up to her ranch looking for work in return for room and board.

Thanks again for hosting me! Have a great week!

Molly xxx

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