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Pleasuring The Lady (The Pleasure Wars, Book 2)
Pleasuring The Lady
(The Pleasure Wars, Book 2)

On November 19, the second book in my series, The Pleasure Wars, will be out in all digital formats (to follow in paper about a year later). Pleasuring the Lady features Portia, who I blogged about last week and Miles Weatherfield. Miles may be very familiar to many of you who have read An Introduction to Pleasure (which a LOT of you have). Who is he?

Well, he’s the man Andrew brought to Lysandra as a potential protector when he decided to push her away. He’s hot, he’s sexy and after that searing kiss he shared with Lysandra, I know a few of you thought, “Hey, wait a minute… maybe…”

But of course Lysandra was meant for Andrew and Miles moved on. But since then, he’s been increasingly bored by the idea of the wild life he leads. When he sees a masked lady at the Donville Masquerade, he is inexplicably drawn to her. But when he’s caught in a compromising position and realizes it’s an old friend, Portia… marriage may be the only solution.

Here is my vision of Miles as I wrote him:


I love the match up of this ultra-confident man and a woman who has faded into the background for years. It’s sexy, it’s romantic and ultimately, I hope it’s something you’ll all fall in love with.

Sound interesting? Want to see Miles fall head over heels with a most unexpected lady?  Pre-order it now at Amazon or Barnes and Noble, with other e-tailers coming soon!

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