Want to book me as a speaker for your writer group, reader event or conference? Email my me at – I’ve listed topics of presentations below my speaking schedule.

Here is the upcoming travel/presentation (all times listed local to the area I will be presenting):


October 19, 2019 – 10am – Speaking to North Texas RWA about Making Your Career a Priority

October 27, 2019 – 12-5 – Buns and Roses featured author – Come buy a seat at my table!

Contact Jess to schedule her for your writing/reading group or library!

Available Speaking Topics (or ask about topics tailored to your group’s needs):

  • NEW! The Author Hat and the Publisher Hat – How to recognize the importance of both roles (even if you are publishing in a traditional model) and how to wear them both together.
  • Write Like You Mean It: How to Write Like a Full-Time Writer, Even If You Can’t Write Full-Time — My most popular presentation covers roadblocks to writing that we put in front of ourselves, how to overcome each one and specific ways to increase your output, whether you write one page a week, one a day or one every ten minutes.
  • Anatomy of a Love Scene — The 3 most important elements to every love scene and how to overcome your discomfort writing them.
  • Making Your Career A Priority — Decide what you want from your career, what your priorities need to be to get what you want and how to implement a ‘big year’ plan to take your goals to the next level.
  • Staying Motivated in the Midst — Writing is a hard job, publishing is even harder. It’s easy to get bogged down and want to give up. I’ll discuss how to stay motivated even when the worst is happening.
  • No Author is an Island — The importance of writer relationships (whether with readers, reviewers or other authors) and how not to screw them up.
  • Writing the Long Series Without Pulling Out Your Hair – Multi-book series with interrelated characters are a staple of the romance world and can lead to greater sales and success for authors. But how in the world do you make them work? After writing several long series (including the wildly popular 10-book 1797 Club series), Jess will give you tips for what works and tales of how she made it all so much harder for herself.

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