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Erotic Historical Romance Monday, Page 2

KT Grant: Erotic Historical Romance Feature

This week’s featured erotic historical romance author is KT Grant, who writes lesbian historical romance. Check out her journey here:

This Time Now coverWhen I decided I wanted to be a published author, I wanted to write romance. I wasn’t sure about the sensuality factor or which type of romance sub-genre I would write, but I knew it would have a happily ever after at the end. In 2010, I accomplished my dream of becoming a publishing author.… [Read more...]

Elyzabeth M. VaLey: Erotic Historical Romance Feature

Our Featured Author for this week is Elyzabeth VaLey! She writes some very naughty fairy tales, historically set. 🙂 I love erotic fairytale. So give a very big welcome to Elyzabeth!

Hi everyone!! *waves*

Thank you Jess for inviting me today. I am beyond thrilled to be here.

I am going to be honest with you: I have spent days thinking about what to share with you guys. There’s so much to talk about. The possibilities are virtually endless: sex, heroes, heroines, romance, love, dreams, my writing.… [Read more...]

Eliza Lloyd 2: Erotic Historical Romance Feature

I’m very excited to welcome back Eliza Lloyd as Featured Erotic Historical Romance author this week. Not only is she one of my favorite authors, but she’s a very nice person AND she has a book out August 27, which she will be talking about today. Hint: There are SCOTS. Welcome Eliza:

So what is it about a large swath of brightly colored plaid wool, wrapped around a braw laddie, that gets so many women hot?… [Read more...]

Beverley Oakley: Erotic Historical Romance Feature

Today’s featured author is Beverley Oakley, who, like me, writes erotic Regency historical! Hope you enjoy her story of how she started writing erotic historical!

Beverley author shot for ARRAIt’s a huge pleasure to be here, Jess. Thank you for inviting me to talk about how I got into writing erotic romance.

I must admit, I never expected I’d be writing erotic historical romance – ever! In fact, I was probably the last person anyone who knew me would have expected to write erotic anything, as I was always the good girl at school.… [Read more...]

Jenn LeBlanc: Erotic Historical Romance Feature

Today our visitor is Jenn LeBlanc, who I recently met at Authors After Dark in North Carolina and we got to hang out. Not only does she write awesome erotic historical romance but she also does some beautiful cover designs, so she’s a bit of a renaissance woman. Please enjoy Jenn!

Helloooooo!!! *waves*

Thank you Jess for inviting me!

absoluteMy name is Jenn, and while most people know me (if they know me *wink*) because of my cover photography for #StudioSmexy, I am an author of deeply sensual late Victorian romance.… [Read more...]

Sabrina York: Erotic Historical Romance Feature

Sabrina York is back today, this time talking about how she fell into erotic historical romance. It seems to be a popular problem! Welcome back Sabrina:

First of all, let’s get one thing straight. I never intended to be an erotic romance author. I was minding my own business, writing historical and contemporary romance that didn’t sell, when all of a sudden, right out of the blue, some editor decided she liked my work.

What the hell is up with that?… [Read more...]

Questions: Erotic Historical Romance Monday

Hi everyone! So my scheduled author for today didn’t send a blog so I thought it might be a good time for all of YOU to jump in and take a part in this feature. So please post the answers to these questions here on the blog. I’ll pick a winner for one of my backlist books on Wednesday from the answers:

1. What do you like about most about erotic historical romance as a reader?… [Read more...]

Sabrina York: Erotic Historical Romance Monday

defiantSabrina York had a surprise this week when her publisher told her she’d have a book out July 23 (SURPRISE!!). And since Sabrina is such a rockstar, I said of course I’d share the info with you guys! Make sure you guys pick this one up on Wednesday!!

DEFIANT, by Sabrina York

Noble Passions, Book Five

When rakish Ned falls in with the wrong crowd, his brother decides to send him to the Continent for “seasoning”.… [Read more...]

Shelley Munro: Erotic Historical Romance Monday

Today’s Featured Romance Author is Shelley Munro with a very good reminder that heroines are not all cut from the same mold. I may print this out and put it next to my desk. Hope you enjoy it as much! Here is Shelley:

Thanks for inviting me to visit your blog today, Jess. I love writing historical romance. I love writing and romance full stop. One thing common to most romances, no matter what the genre, is that they have a heroine.… [Read more...]

S.A. Meade: Erotic Historical Romance Monday

This week’s featured erotic historical author is S.A. Meade who writes M/M erotic romance. I love her question because well, I ask myself the same one all the time. So without further ado, here is S.A. Meade:

Oh lordy, where do I start?

darknessatendersley_800I have never written a mystery. I had never thought about writing a mystery but I needed some kind of conflict for ‘Darkness at Endersley’ so mystery it was. Here is a snippet, a scene where trouble finally arrives at Endersley and poor Joshua is the one who has to deal with the consequences.… [Read more...]

Megan Mulry: Erotic Historical Romance Monday

Megan Mulry is our guest today and her topic is pretty fun! There are real people in this post, everyone! So that’s kind of cool! Welcome Megan!

Thanks so much for inviting me to your blog, Jess. It’s been great to read through your other Erotic Historical Monday posts and to see we are a thriving group of authors within this subgenre. As I started thinking about why I write contemporary romances as well as erotic historicals, I realized it’s mainly because I am selfish!… [Read more...]

Eliza Lloyd: Erotic Historical Romance Monday

I’m so excited about today’s Featured Erotic Historical Romance author. Not only is Eliza Lloyd a great writer (her The All Seeing Eye is one of my favorite books I’ve read this year) but I’m lucky to count her as a friend too. So please give a warm welcome to the always lovely Eliza Lloyd!

First, thanks Jess for having me at your blog. I tell everyone this: Jess and I go way back. She was one of the first “real” writers I met when I got serious about writing, and of course, way before I got published.… [Read more...]

Suz de Mello: Erotic Historical Romance Monday

This week’s Featured Erotic Historical Romance author is Suz de Mello. It’s really fun for me to read these blogs, as they are such fun learning experiences. I hadn’t really thought much about shopping in the 18th century… now I wish I could do it. Please welcome Suz!

Travel: It’s All About the Shopping—18th Century Style (#MFRW_ORG #kindle)

Those of you who follow my blogs (Mom? bro?) are aware that I’ve written two prior blogs about this subject, one when I lived in southeast Asia ( and one when I spent a year in China teaching English to toddlers (… [Read more...]

Ava March: Erotic Historical Romance Monday

One of the coolest parts about the current climate in publishing AND in the world in general is that books are being published that authors have always been told would “never work” or “never sell”. Obviously not true. While stories with same-sex couples have always existed, they are becoming increasingly popular and even published by mainstream publishers. I think it’s kind of awesome. Today’s guest author, Ava March, tells us all about this trend and why it works so well with readers. [Read more...]

Sandrine O’Shea: Erotic Historical Romance Monday

Today’s erotic historical author has written one erotic historical romance and her take on why she wrote her first is pretty interesting. Please give a big welcome to Sandrine O’Shea!!


by Sandrine O’Shea

Courtesan_72_we-330I didn’t intend to become an erotica writer.  The historical romances I wrote under my own name (Leslie O’Grady) and as Lindsay Chase had love scenes that were detailed and explicit, but not steamy.

Then I had this wild idea to write about a courtesan in 1890’s Paris. … [Read more...]