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BethWilliamson_Tobias800-200x300Today I’m excited to welcome my friend Beth Williamson! She writes western erotic historical romance, which is awesome since I love that readers can have choices! Today she’s talking about erotic historical romance in general and I love her thoughts. So come give a few comments and let Beth know you’re here!

The old saying, “To each his own” or another favorite “Whatever blows your skirt up” both seem appropriate when it comes to erotic historical romance. There have been may firsts in the historical romance world, from open door sex, to using something other than a euphemism for human bits and parts, to oral sex and finally, to showing something other than plain ol’ bed sport.

It’s been a pretty amazing journey and I’m happy to say that those of us who write historical romance with an erotic touch have landed in an ideal time to do so. Writers have blazed a trail of cross-genre books that mix erotic romance with historical. For a history nerd like me, that’s like an ice cream sundae with my favorite flavors and toppings. Perfection.

When I started out to write my first romance, which for the most part are historical westerns, I had sensuality but not heat. Besides it was a horrible mistake that will never see the light of day. My second book was when I found that comfort zone of historical detail and hot smexy times. What book was that, you may ask? It was The Bounty, Malloy book 1, the one that started my real journey as a novelist.

The emotional connection between the hero and heroine is what makes the sex in a book as powerful as it is. If there isn’t a connection between them, the heat level just doesn’t go as high. Now when I say emotional connection, it could mean love, hate, like, dislike, or just that animal attraction between two people.

And oh boy, when they come together, it’s like the fourth of July. Sincere sexual heat and erotic pleasure are inevitable with such passion. That’s what it is at its base level – passion. They fight with it, talk with it, and have fabulous sex with it.

If there is a heat in the story, I feel it when I write it just the same as when I read it. If I don’t feel that sexual tension and passion, then you won’t either. Historically speaking, people have been having sex since the beginning of time. There has been risqué behavior, fetishes, pleasure gardens, and experimentation in every generation. Why should that be different in a romance novel? You’re right, it shouldn’t. 🙂

In my most recent CIRCLE EIGHT book, TOBIAS, which takes place in Texas 1840s, there is not only heat, there is history between Tobias and Rebecca. The reader can feel the connection, the sensual current that makes the air crackle. While they try to deny their attraction, it cannot be stopped, no matter what obstacles fall in their path, which leads to the sweetest and most satisfying HEAs. For the hero and heroine, the writer and the reader.

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