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The Daring Duke by Jess Michaels

The Daring Duke

The Daring Duke by Jess MichaelsBook 1 in The 1797 Club Series
The Daring Duke

The wild and charismatic Duke of Abernathe is the kind of friend anyone would wish to have. He even formed the 1797 Club, consisting of ten men who would all be dukes. But he has full-throatedly declared he will never marry and no one understands why.

But Miss Emma Liston doesn’t care why. A longtime wallflower with an absentee father who is a scandal waiting to happen, she needs to marry.… [Read more...]

Her Favorite Duke by Jess Michaels

Her Favorite Duke

Her Favorite Duke by Jess MichaelsBook 2 in The 1797 Club
Her Favorite Duke 

Simon Greene, Duke of Crestwood has been obsessed with Margaret Rylon for years. There is only one thing standing between them: her fiancé, who also happens to be his best friend. He is desperate not to destroy everything in his life by giving in to his desires, but when Meg and Simon are trapped alone together overnight during a storm, the resulting scandal not only breaks Meg’s existing engagement, but forces Simon to offer for her instead.… [Read more...]

The Broken Duke by Jess Michaels

The Broken Duke

The Broken Duke by Jess MichaelsBook 3 in the 1797 Series
The Broken Duke
A USA Today Bestseller

Adelaide Longford is London’s most overlooked bluestocking wallflower and that is fine by her. Being ignored gives her the perfect opportunity to sneak out and secretly take on the persona of the most celebrated actress of the day, Lydia Ford. The thrill of walking the boards and hearing the applause of those who watch her is the most exciting experience of her life.… [Read more...]

The Silent Duke by Jess Michaels

The Silent Duke

The Silent Duke by Jess MichaelsBook 4 in the 1797 Club Series
The Silent Duke
A USA Today Bestseller

Born mute, Ewan Hoffstead, Duke of Donburrow was abused by his wicked father and wretched younger brothers until an uncle swept in to save the day. Still, he carries the scars of his past with him, including a terrible belief that perhaps a “person like him” truly doesn’t deserve the title his uncle fought so hard for him to earn.

Recently widowed Charlotte may be the proper Countess of Portsmith to Society, but when she is around Ewan, she still feels like the enraptured little girl who met him decades before when her brother was best friends with him and his cousin.… [Read more...]

The Duke of Nothing by Jess Michaels

The Duke of Nothing

The Duke of Nothing by Jess MichaelsThe Duke of Nothing
Book 5 in The 1797 Club Series
A USA Today Bestseller

Baldwin Undercross, Duke of Sheffield, has a secret he’s keeping from almost everyone he knows and loves. He is destitute, thanks to gambling by his late father and his own bad decisions. There is only one option now, marry for money and do it soon. An opportunity presents itself when a rich American woman arrives in Society hunting for a title in trade for a huge dowry.… [Read more...]

The Undercover Duke By Jess Michaels

The Undercover Duke

The Undercover Duke By Jess MichaelsThe Undercover Duke
Book 6 in The 1797 Club Series

Lucas Vincent may be the Duke of Willowby but he’s never acted as such. He’s been too busy working for the War Department as a spy. But years of dangerous work has finally caught up to him and he was involved in a violent attack that nearly killed him. Forced home, his angry, aggressive desire to get back in the field and find out to who betrayed him is keeping him from healing.… [Read more...]

The Duke of Hearts by Jess Michaels

The Duke of Hearts

The Duke of Hearts by Jess MichaelsThe Duke of Hearts
Book 7 in The 1797 Club Series

Matthew Cornwallis, Duke of Tyndale, once loved a woman, but she died in a tragic accident he felt responsible for. Since then, he’s been playing pretend that he isn’t broken inside, even as he’s seen as London’s most sought after bachelor. He decides to drown his sorrows at the notorious Donville Masquerade where he encounters an alluring stranger who he spends the night with.… [Read more...]

The Duke who Lied by Jess Michaels

The Duke Who Lied

The Duke who Lied by Jess MichaelsThe Duke Who Lied
Book 8 of The 1797 Club Series

Hugh Margolis, Duke of Brighthollow, has been keeping a secret that eats him up inside. His beloved sister was seduced and nearly destroyed by a wicked man. The trauma sent her into exile and to protect her reputation, he never did anything about it. But now the ‘gentleman’ is back in Society and recently engaged to another lady.

Lady Amelia Quinton cannot believe her luck.… [Read more...]

The Duke of Desire by Jess Michaels

The Duke of Desire

The Duke of Desire by Jess MichaelsThe Duke of Desire
Book 9 in The 1797 Club Series

Robert Smithton, Duke of Roseford is known for his lusty appetites and his cold, cold heart. Still thanks to his title and his fortune, everyone wants him and he’s bored of it all. He wants something, but he cannot place what exactly that is. Until he meets Katherine, the Countess of Gainsworth.

Married for six months to an old man who died when they were making love, Katherine is just returning to Society.… [Read more...]

The Last Duke by Jess Michaels

The Last Duke

The Last Duke by Jess MichaelsThe Last Duke
The 10th and Final book in The 1797 Club Series

When Christopher “Kit” Collins’ father dies, he is devastated, but he must swiftly take on the title of Duke of Kingsacre and all the responsibility that comes with it. Including the care of his very young illegitimate half-sister, who is now his ward.  He is very upset when he discovers the governess his father hired for the child just before his death is Sarah Carlton.… [Read more...]

You can’t have one without the other.

Recently I had rights returned for ten books when Samhain Publishing finally (FINALLY) closed their doors. If you were on my social media, you probably saw the picture I posted of the moment when I got the email releasing my rights:

The emotions you’re seeing here are relief, joy, and disbelief. It was a long journey to get these books back. One that started at the end of last February when Samhain first announced they would be closing and all rights returned to authors.… [Read more...]

Fascinated by Jess Michaels


Fascinated by Jess MichaelsBook 6 in The Wicked Woodleys
M/M Romance, Novella Length

It’s been over a decade since Aaron Condit’s lover, Viscount Noah Seagate died. While he has had temporary diversions, he hasn’t had a real relationship since. But now he’s been invited to the home of his best friend, Leticia Blackwood and he’ll be faced with deep temptation in the form of her brother, Griffin Merrick.

Griffin has seen Aaron at certain clubs for a long time and he cannot deny that he wants the handsome solicitor.… [Read more...]

The Clubhouse

Welcome to the Clubhouse for the 1797 Club, the newest series by Jess Michaels, USA Today Bestselling author of erotic historical romance! Get all the news about the series, as well as bonus material and more!

Download your free membership card here! Join the club:

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Meet the men of the 1797 Club:

James Rylon, Duke of Abernathe (The Daring Duke, out NOW!)
Simon Greene, Duke of Crestwood (Her Favorite Duke, out June 6)
Graham Everly, Duke of Northfield (The Broken Duke, out September 12)
Ewan Hoffstead, Duke of Donburrow (The Silent Duke, out November 14)
Baldwin Undercross, Duke of Sheffield (The Duke of Nothing, out January 16, 2018)
Lucas Vincent, Duke of Willowby (The Undercover Duke, out March 27, 2018)
Matthew Cornwallis, Duke of Tyndale (The Duke of Hearts, out May 22, 2018)
Hugh Margolis, Duke of Brighthollow (The Duke Who Lied, out August 14, 2018)
Robert Smithton, Duke of Roseford (The Duke of Desire, out October 23, 2018)
Christopher Collins, Duke of Kingsacre (The Last Duke, out November 13, 2018)

Coming soon to the clubhouse:
Who’s your favorite duke?… [Read more...]

100 Questions No One Asks, Part 10

This is my continuation of the 100 Questions No One Ever Asks from Four Hats and a Frugal. Here is the tenth set of questions:

    Living room with bedroom a good second.
    Yes. So I did.
    20 years in March 2017.
    My husband, actually.
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December 2016 Recap

December is almost over, so it’s time for an December Recap. Here’s what’s been going on in Jess Michaels World in the past month:

  • I finished The Daring Duke, which is the first book in The 1797 Club series that starts March 14. I love this new series, there will be ten books and ALL the heroes are Dukes! 🙂
  • Adored in Autumn, the final book in the Seasons series, is now up for pre-order and you can buy below.
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